Are you getting the most out of your past due receivables?

Did you know most collection agencies follow a typical workflow pattern and that after just a few of phone calls and letters, your past due receivables get lost in the cracks and turn to dust?

You can trust RFGI to recover the maximum amount possible as quickly as possible. Why can we do so much better? Because your accounts will get a hands-on treatment by our professional debt collectors. We don't just throw your accounts in to the mix, skim through them and move on, we treat your accounts with top priority.

We provide a real solution for your past due receivables. We collect all types of consumer debt, including past due invoices, dental, medical, hospital, healthcare, schools, educational, landlords, utilities, leases, credit cards, retail, professional services, bounced checks, auto loans, mortgages and more. It's free to get started and place your accounts with RFGI for collections.

We OUTPERFORM other collection agencies. We GUARANTEE TO COLLECT or our service is FREE.

To place your accounts with RFGI or if you have questions about what a licensed and bonded collection agency can do for you fill out the "Request a Free Quote" form or call us today toll-free (866) 217-9080 for a free consultation.

Why We're Different

  • We outperform other collection agencies and have a more hands-on and dedicated approach
  • We have an excellent reputation for being professional
  • We are innovative and performance driven
  • We keep up with the changing economy, industry and technology
  • We maintain accurate record keeping
  • We are licensed and bonded
  • We're a member of the ACA International, Illinois Collectors Association and the Better Business Bureau


  • Credit Reporting accounts to credit bureaus as derogatory remark
  • Comprehensive skip tracing and tracking of consumers
  • 24/7 consumer credit report monitoring for financial status changes
  • Engaging in collections calls with Trained Professional Account Specialists
  • Scoring and Screening of consumers for collection strategy and negotiation tactics
  • Mailing a series of collections letters designed and proven to generate results

How It Works

  • Placing your accounts with RFGI is FREE
  • If we don't collect, you pay nothing!
  • We only charge a small fee on what we actually collect
  • We mail you a remittance check on a monthly basis

We are a licensed Illinois Collection Agency (Lic#17-021243) and we collect nationwide with the exception of a couple states due to restrictions.

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